The last goodbye

I've been learning with my mistakes
I guess it's time to forget
the lies are always the same
this is so sad, but I don't love you yet

no more pain, no more tears
there's no doubt you're in my heart now
I'm just a creature that loves
my eyes show what I feel, I don't need to say nothing else

Please honey, always be mine
no matter what happens to me
dreaming in my room I can hear you cry
now can you hear me? this is my last goodbye

slowly the hours and days go by
and once again I see myself without you
I need you more than ever
the memories are real, and make me happy

nothing else has meaning to me
you're my only reason to keep breathing
I just wanted you to know
know how much I miss you

Um comentário:

  1. Seja bem vindo XD

    Ajudei a traduzirrr!! uhuehauhahe
    Já te disse que amei ela.

    Escreva muito, poste sempre e seja feliz ^^